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My story…

Well, it’s more of a journey than a story… Admittedly, I’ve been blessed with doing some pretty cool things in my life. I helped bring two of the greatest kids into this world. My 25-year-old son Alex is in finance for a major bank and my 22-year-old daughter Amanda is an esteemed Fulbright Scholar, on loan for a year teaching english as a second language in Thailand compliments of the US State Department. Yes, I’v been blessed!

Scuba diving at night on shipwrecks with Tiger Sharks, filling three passports from the world over, white water rafting the infamous CAT-5  “Gauley River” and jumping out of an airplane?  An absolute rush!

You could say it’s about committing yourself where there’s no turning back. My philosophy in business is the same. Hundreds of millions in sales is great. Watching customers love your products and buy them over and over again… Well, that’s a bit of a rush too! 

Selling over $250 Million of consumer products to big-box retailers, acquiring over 500,000 technology voice and app customers and building a robust value added reseller channel of over 800 resellers kind of teaches you what works and more importantly… What doesn’t!

Following a passion…

At the end of the day, I’m a sales and product guy. I love to leverage in-depth knowledge of technologies, sales, marketing and finance to expand revenues across diverse products. It’s what drives me… It’s my passion!

In business, they tell me I have a love affair with the game, driven to win business in fiercely competitive markets, from the boardroom to the trenches. It doesn’t matter what the products are. At the end of the day, a savvy sales/marketing professional understands how to motivate customers to create the buzz/demand to move products.

Lessons learned…

Just because you can build a product, doesn’t mean that you should. Silicon Valley has proven that over and over. You can’t give a product away for free and make it up on volume! Duh, right? Can you support it? Can you make a sustainable profit? Is there adequate longevity? Can you fend off the inevitable competition? Don’t get stuck in that “pay me vs. free” model. It doesn’t work!

What’s the next part of the journey?

I’m not quite sure, but it better be exciting, it has to stretch my abilities and most importantly, it’s has to be intellectually stimulating. 

And that is my story.