Professional References

“John Wind brought my 39-year-old accounting practice into the 21st. century. He was initially hired to rebuild our very outdated website and to perform direct sales marketing initiatives for us. The result of his examining our business and workflow system, including our technology partner in Jacksonville, uncovered a total mess. What we had in place was costing us a fortune and was broken at every level. On his own initiative, John created and inevitably implemented an end-to-end plan that dramatically improved our workflow management and internal communications, reduced our operational costs, improved client accountability and enabled my staff to work from anywhere, at any time, which during the tax season crunch is vital. Honestly, I hear it all the time and never really understood what “the power of the cloud” meant. Clearly John does and he’s delivered on in brilliantly for us.

The website upgrade was terrific. John didn’t have much to work with though but he’s a very creative guy, highly technical and understands business, sales and marketing. He positioning us as a leader “The Tax Authority”. And, he constantly updates content and keeps us moving forward and relevant to our clients. From the website to video production, newsletters, direct marketing campaigns to workflow management (Intuit accounting system and Office 365) we are now as modern as it gets.

Most notably to me as a non-technical, old-school business owner is his responsiveness and reliability. Stuff happens, it just does. But, when it happens to us, John is always there and within no time, the problem is solved… Always.

I am looking forward to a smooth tax season where my staff and I have the tools to provide the best of the best services to our clients. We’ve gone digital. Thank you John!”

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Martin O. Stubbs M.P.A
Stubbs Tax and Financial Services
Orange Park, Florida

“I commend John Wind for providing not just our great state but the world as a whole for invaluable leadership in his spearheading of the NAP of the Americas (Network Access Point), to be located in Miami, Florida. This world-class Internet peering point will provide the first open, tier-one peering point of Internet service providers that will not be government regulated. Upon it’s completion, the NAP will be the largest exchange connecting North and South America and will benefit Not just Florida but worldwide communications and business commerce.

John worked relentlessly to build the grass-roots movement including the political players and the Internet service providers. His team-building efforts with Governor Bush, the Speaker of the House and my committee created the landscape that made the NAP a reality.  Early on, John came up with the name and branding whereas the “NAP of the Americas” would not be politicized as a Florida initiative but a “future for the Americas”. It was brilliant and it played a major role in getting the NAP off the ground.

I will be watching its progress as a private citizen. I truly enjoyed John’s leadership, brilliant vision and energy”.

Senator George G. Kirkpatrick, Jr.
Chairman, Commerce and Economic Opportunities

“Let me just say this. There are those who talk a good game and those that lead a good game. I’ve known John for over a dozen years now and he is a true professional who “walks his talk” when it comes to client service, forward thinking and getting the job done. From the boardroom to the design room, John has never been afraid to jump right in and do what it takes to make things happen at any level. Add to these qualities his seasoned, polished and professional knowledge and skills and John’s is a proven recipe for success”!

Richard Cameron
Former Vice President, Wiznet

“John was recruited to formulate and lead a business turn around plan for Epicus, a CLEC in the eleven BellSouth states. He quickly created new industry-leading business and consumer product bundles that included a SaaS-based findme/followme and advanced voice messaging service. The results were tantamount as measured in sales, profit margins, our competitiveness against BellSouth and our increased stock price.

Although we were on a high growth fast track with the new strategy, the FCC abolished the UNE-P regulations that caused Epicus and its competitors to cease telecom operations. John’s vision, marketing savvy, tactical execution and professionalism will be truly missed. He possesses a rare blend of technical knowledge and market vision. I highly recommend John to any company in need of a talented go-to-market leader”.

Mark Richards
CEO, Epicus Communications Group

“John and I worked together for several years at Epicus where he developed the brand, products and company strategy. The brand and products were very well received in the marketplace which made them easier to sell and bring in revenue. John is a hard worker and very creative; and I highly recommend him to anyone needing help with marketing or long term strategy for their company”.

Michael Townes
Vice President Alternate Channels, Epicus Communication

“John is a very creative and innovative marketing executive. While at SipStorm, he demonstrated a clear understanding of our technology (SaaS model hosted telephony systems) and how it could benefit a variety of businesses and markets. He quickly translated these into targeted vertical and horizontal programs with demonstrable ROI that could be easily understood by the customer. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John to assist organizations to convert product capabilities into winning customer solutions”.

Alan Lieff
Vice President, Major Accounts, Mitel Networks – Natural Convergence

“John is proficient executive level marketer of technology services and products. Having worked on multiple projects with John, he was a great mentor and team leader in building brand name recognition, as well as, fostering partnerships with major industry corporations”.

Jeff Mortensen
Business Development Consultant, SipStorm Technologies

“John has unparalleled talent providing marketing solutions to company’s with new products that don’t have his level of experience. He’s easy to work with, very sharp, and listens. These qualities make him my first choice as a recommendation for advancing web-based marketing initiatives. Many professionals talk about success, John has created it time and time again”.

Kyle Brown
Managing Director, NBT Equity Group, Inc.

“John is the guy I think of first when I want to market a company quickly, professionally, and creatively. He knows how to create a buzz about a product or service in any industry. His energy for new ideas is never-ending. Highly recommend John Wind in whatever he does.”

Tammy Snook
President, Hightech Public Relations

“John is very technical, understands business, understands solutions, and has a very creative mind. His ability to take a project, from beginning to end, is one of John’s strengths. John personable nature and willingness to think out of the box compliments his first attribute, John would be an asset to anyone he works with or for”.

Todd Larsen
CEO, Limitless Technologies

“John Wind joined Fuzion in 1998 as a key executive of our startup team. His initial position was as vice president of marketing with responsibilities that included aiding in the $65 Million in capital raised, brand creation and the creation of the AccessNOW broadband product line. In addition to marketing, John was responsible for public and media relations, successfully propelling Fuzion as the leader as an early entrant wireless operator. John’s successes lead to additional responsibilities that included managing business and strategic development as the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

In early 2000 once the wireless network was operational, John lead the development of our channel sales group expanding revenue beyond the existing direct sales efforts. In parallel as we began a nationwide expansion, John lead the effort to expand the Fuzion network in to Latin America with the first market operational in Panama City Panama by mid-2000.

In September of 2001, Fuzion became another victim of the telecommunications debacle and was forced to wind down operations. John led an orderly wind down and sale of the Fuzion network and assets. John secured buyers for numerous elements of the company’s assets during a very difficult time in our country and our corporate history. His responsibilities ended in January 2002.

I highly recommend John for any management position in sales, marketing or strategic development. He is a hard and independent worker with a great deal of drive for success and vision”.

Dave Frank
President & COO, Fuzion Wireless Communications