John Wind

John Wind

Owner - Jensen Beach, Florida

My Story…

It’s More of a Journey Really

Hello! I’m John Wind, and I live in a small Southeast Florida beach town on the water. Most call it the last bastion of paradise. I get to call it home, and my remote office The view is better than most, making for a great work/life balance. Paradise or not, these past two years have changed all of us in different ways. We’re coming out on the other side as changed people. We have to work smarter and handle last-minute changes rapidly.

Admittedly, I’ve been blessed with doing some pretty cool things in my life. I helped bring two of the greatest kids into this world. While nothing tops that, it’s just a blessed part of my journey. I’ve scuba dived at night on shipwrecks with Sharks, filled three passports from the world over, white water rafted the infamous CAT-5 Gauley River, and jumped out of airplanes?  An absolute rush!

Watching customers love your products & services… Well, that’s a big rush for me too! You could say it’s about committing yourself where there’s no turning back. My philosophy in business is the same. Hundreds of millions in sales are great. It teaches you what works and more importantly… What doesn’t!

I’ve been working remotely since 2006, long before it became “a thing.” I’ve been in the telecom and software business for a long time. There wasn’t a playbook about how to be a productive remote executive (chief marketing officer), so I had to make due. I had employees report to me from Europe, Asia, and all over the USA. It worked by sewing together many different apps, a cloud-based phone system, messaging by Yahoo, and an outdated VPN to a file server in Tampa, Florida. Ugh. I look back at what’s available today and crack up!

Out of total frustration, and a complete lack of remote working tools that made sense (affordable and easy to use), I decided to “go off on my own” with the support of my former employer, Proximiti. The goal was to create a business out of helping others work productively. We started with video, a sophisticated CMS platform we built from the ground up called HotwaveTV. Please check that link out!  The business broadcasting network. 

Having website development, video, telecom, unified communications, and application experience, I sewed it all together into a healthy, yet boutique consulting agency. I still work remotely, but a whole lot better! And I help businesses usher in the new way to do business. Yep, I “Future-Proof” businesses.

I’ve included my professional bio here to give you a better idea of my background.

I’ve had a great time, and learned so much! I love seeing the people I work with get excited about their new way of working. Most of them really had no idea how much better things could be.

While I can’t possibly list all of the projects that I’ve worked on these past dozen years, The links in the bio section are some of the highlights. Take a look.

It’s been great, and it just keeps getting better! I hope to add you to my journey as well. My small team and I are ready. to help you!  Contact me directly as I’m the face of the business. (Don’t tell them I said that)!

And That’s My Story