Sue Lee

Sue Lee

WordPress Developer - Hong Kong

Hello. This is Sue Lee. I live on the outskirts of Hong Kong, China. I have been a WordPress website developer for 7 years. I work pretty much around the world from my home office. I enjoy the freedom of not battling the everyday commuting to the office! I had enough of that commuting to university at Hong Kong Institute of Technology.

One of my specialties is WordPress plugin development, which enables people to do things that are not “off the shelf.” That helps our clients stand out with their website capabilities. When I’m not doing plugin development, I’m usually helping clients undo a mess they got into. It happens every day. Maybe a bad previous developer. Or a bad hosting company? I think I have seen it all really.

Anyhow, that’s me, Sue Lee!

I look forward with see one of your development projects get assigned to me. 

Have a great day!

Sue Lee smile